Snake Eyes – Cybertronian Battle Suit

Monitor Database – Entry 9542t82f

With the defeat of combined threat of the terrorist organization known as COBRA and their allies the evil Decepticons in Washington D.C., the first Human/Cybertronian War was finally over. Those in the COBRA organization that escaped went underground and disappeared from the public view while the Decepticons that were not destroyed were escorted back to the planet Cybertron to stand trial for their actions. Peace seemed to finally settle back on the world. But unfortunately that peace was short lived. The black market soon became flooded with damaged Cybertronian technology that every terrorist group or vengeful warlord wanted to get their hands on.
To control the spread of this tech; the US Government re-tasked the G.I. Joe team with recovery and disposal of any and all Cybertronian tech. At first, the G.I. Joe team was successful in their new mission and was recovering large caches of Cybertronian technology from around the globe, but their success was cut short as weapon manufacturers such as M.A.R.S. and A.I.M. began supplying the terrorist groups with advanced weapons based on the tech. It is rumors that LexCorp also began procuring Cybertronian tech for use in weapon development even though no such weapons ever make it onto the black market.
To help combat this new threat, the remaining Autobots provided the G.I. Joe team (and the US government) with technology that they could adapt and use with the understanding that all of the tech would be return once the threat was resolved. The government contracted with Stark Enterprises to develop weaponry that could be used against this new and growing threat. Basing the new weaponry on his “iron-man” weapons system, Stark developed Cybertronian battle suits for some of the members of the G.I. Joe team. Although the battle suits could not auto-morph in alternate modes such as different vehicles; the suits did contain auto-morphing ability that allowed the user to create a variety of offensive and defensive weaponry.
The battle suits were also specifically tailored for individual members of the G.I. Joe team. The battle suits for team members Roadblock and Rock ‘n’ Roll were designed to be bulker and able carry larger, heavier armaments, while the battle suit for the G.I. team member known as Snake- Eyes was sleeker and allowed for more maneuverability and agility.
Although Snake-Eye’s Cybertronian battle suit is lightly armed with only a small compact pulse cannon and an adamantium shoto blade for defense, the suit contains a special radar displacing nano-weave coating that effectively made the suit invisible to radar and electronic detection systems.
The battle suits proved to be highly successful and allowed the G.I. Joe team to collect and destroy most of the Cybertronian technology. With the threat of advanced Cybertronian based weaponry over, the battle suits were decommissioned and any information pertaining to them were returned to the Autobots for destruction.
Although it it believed that almost all of the Cybertronian technology has been removed from the planet there is the possibility of small pockets around the world that may still have some of the technology. There also have been rumors that the US government was able to maintain and collect a small amount of the technology and have hidden it in an underground storage/laboratory facility deep below the Nevada desert for later study and analysis.
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