Inspired by some of the other customizers out there, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and try to merge all of my characters and customs into a single universe to help tie them all together.  My universe is basically the Star Wars Universe with pieces from all the other universes (Marvel, DC, G.I. Joe, Stargate, etc…) merged with it.  And I’m using the Stargate mythos as the means to help relate the main ideas from the different universes together.  Here are a few facts/details about my verse.
  • The events chronicled in the Star Wars movies took place “a long time away.”  That way I don’t have worry about my star wars related items interfering with the current storylines or anything like that.
  • The “Force” is the universe’s energy field and can be used to explain and tie in quite a few of the ideas between the universes.   For example, it is what the Alterians/Ancients (Stargate verse) learned to control to help them ascend or “become one with the Force”.  The Force is also what the Guardians of the Universe (DC universe) collected to power their Green Lantern Central Battery.  This idea also allows for the dark side of the Force which can be used to explain the power that the Ori (Stargate verse) have and what powers the Sinestro Corp Central Battery.
  • The Alterians, Oans (Guardians), and Whills were all originally the same species but split due to different philosophies on the Force.  This led them to separate and scatter to different parts of the universe.
  • The details of my verse are told from log entries from the point of view of Uatu the Monitor (a merger of Uatu the Watcher of the Marvel verse and the Monitors of the DC verse).

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Oan's (Guardians of the Universe)
Hal Jordan
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Snake-Eyes (Cybertronian Armor)
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