Hal Jordan (Green Lantern of Section 2814)

Monitor’s Database – Entry 3675d01c

Even from an early age, Hal Jordan knew he wanted to be a pilot.  Jordan’s childhood was spent watching his father fly test flights for the Ferris Defense & Aerospace Company (F-DAC) as the Air Force’s test pilot representative.  Tragedy struck young Hal when he witnessed his father sacrifice himself trying to prevent a malfunctioning aircraft from crashing into a crowd of employees and spectators, which included Hal.  Despite his tragic past, Jordan joined the Air Force on day of his 18th birthday.
During his time in the Air Force, Jordan befriended fellow Air Force pilot Jack O’Neill.  The two became close friends and together quickly moved up through the ranks until O’Neill retired unexpectedly from the Air Force due to the death of his son.  Jordan continued on in the Air Force and later received a special assignment as a test pilot at the Air Force’s secret test facility in Nevada codenamed “Area 51” where he flew highly advanced aircraft which were rumored to be based off of extra-terrestrial technology.
During this assignment, Jordan’s life changed forever.  On a routine test flight, the flight control system on Jordan’s aircraft failed and he lost all control of the aircraft.  Shortly before impact, the aircraft was enveloped a green glow and was placed safely on the ground.  The source of the glow was emanating from a ring on the right hand of what appeared to be a fatally wounded magenta skinned alien.  Jordan tried to administer first aid, but was not successful due to the differences in the alien’s physiology.  With his dieing breath, the alien handed the green glowing ring to Jordan.
Upon placing the ring on his finger, the ring explained to Jordan that the dead alien was named Abin Sur and that he was a member of the inter-galactic Green Lantern Corps.  It also revealed that Abin Sur had picked Jordan to become his replacement.  Before he could remove the ring, he, with the remains of Abin Sur, was transported to the planet of Oa to begin his training as a Green Lantern.
Under the guidance of the Corps Instructor Kilowog, Jordan quickly accepted his new role as a member of the Green Lantern Corps.  Jordan was soon partnered with Sinestro, the Green Lantern of Sector 1417, to begin his field training.  Jordan learned that although Sinestro had the most orderly sector, it came with a heavy price as Sinestro demanded complete subordination from the inhabitants.  Jordan turned against Sinestro and helped the inhabitants rebel and alerted the Oans to Sinestro’s actions.  The Oans stripped Sinestro of his Green Lantern status and exiled him.  Sinestro would later become one of Jordan’s fiercest foes.
Jordan excelled at being a Green Lantern and he would go on to become one of the most respected and revered members of the Green Lantern Corps.   Unfortunately, all that changed when the kryptonian-replicator hybrid known as the “Cyborg Superman” orchestrated the destruction of Jordan’s home town.  For the first time since his father’s death, Jordan was filled with emotions that he had learned to overcome; fear, anger, and hate.  Opening himself up to these emotions allowed Jordan to become susceptible to a dark side energy entity known as Parallax and was seduced to the dark side of the Force.  As Parallax, Jordan began a campaign against Force users across the universe (including the Oans) trying to gather enough energy to allow him rewrite the history of the universe and save his home town.  To accomplish his goal, Parallax created a machine called the “sun eater” that would destroy solar systems and absorbs those systems inherent Force energies.
Parallax was finally stopped when Gauntlet, the last remaining Oan, endowed Kyle Rayner of Earth with the last remnants of the Force energy that was stored in Oan Central Battery.  Rayner, Gauntlet, and other heroes from throughout the galaxy were able to defeat Parallax which allowed Jordan to emerge and gain partial control of himself and the Parallax entity.  To atone for the damage he had done and to prevent darkness from spreading any further, Jordan sacrificed himself (and the Parallax entity) to destroy the “sun eater”.
It is unknown if Parallax (and/or Jordan) were both completely destroyed or if they might somehow return.  Only time will tell.
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