Monitor’s Database – Entry 3318s77g1

The Alterans were an ancient race of advanced humanoids and one of the first races in the universe to gain sentience.  Their knowledge of technology, even to this day, is still unparrelled.  They developed a network of Stargates throughout their galaxy and later throughout the universe.  The Stargates allowed the Alterans to travel thousands of light-years away from their home planet.  Using the Stargates, the Alterans seeded life through out the universe.  That seeding led to humanoids becoming the predominate species in the universe but due to environmental conditions on the planets, evolutional differences appeared over time creating new and unique species (i.e. Human, Rodians, Wookies, Kryptonians, etc..)
Over time, the Alterans became aware of and began studying the universe’s natural energy field that they called the “Force.”  The Force flows through all life forms and binds the universe together.   As their understanding of it grew, some Alterans were able to connect with the Force on some level.  Three basic aspects of connecting was developed: Control (the manipulation of one’s internal Force strength), Sense (detection of the Force in the external world), and Alter (manipulation of matter with the Force).  This era was known as the “Time of Enlightenment.”  Although this was a peaceful time, the understanding of the Force split the Alterans into 3 main factions, each with a differing philosophy of how the Force should be used.
The first group, which would remained known as the Alterans, believed that focus should be made on one’s “internal” Force and that they should try to better understand it so that they could become one with the Force in a practice known as Ascension.   The second group, which would later be known as the Whills, believed that focus should be made on one’s individual understanding of the Force as he/she interacts with the outside world. The third group, which would later be known as the Oans, believed that focus should be made on using the Force to observe and understand the universe itself.  These differences lead to a permanent rift between the three factions and would later lead to the Whills and Oans leaving the Alteran home-world for new homes across the universe.  For awhile, the three groups remained in contact with each other discussing other aspects of the Force, but over time those contacts became less and less frequent.
For those Alterans that ascended, they became somewhat omni-present, ethereal beings who felt that they must remove themselves from interaction with all cultures who were beneath their non-corporeal plane of existence.  They believed that interacting with cultures could change direction of their civilizations and those interactions became forbidden.
For awhile peace once again reigned and during this time, the Alteran understanding of the Force and ascension grew, but unfortunately another divergence of thought occurred.  This time, the differences lead to violence.  This new faction, calling themselves the Ori, looked at the Force from a religious aspect, where as the Alterans’ looked at the Force from a more scientific aspect.  The Ori believed that those who possessed the ability to connect to the Force should be worshipped.  This belief lead to a war between the Ori and the Alterans as each group tired to gain the upper hand by ascending and becoming one with the Force.  That war became known as the “Ascension Wars.”    After the war, the remaining un-ascended Alterans left their homeworld and traveled to the Milky Way Galaxy and would later become known as “the Ancients” to the human populace of the planet Earth.  It is unknown if the Alteran exodus from their homeworld was forced or if they left voluntary.
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